Indfab, the flagship company of a group was promoted in the year 1985, as a SSI unit registered with the Director of Industries, Odisha. This SSI unit participated in the project execution of Aluminium Smelter plant of National Aluminium Company at Angul, Odisha. Indfab worked as a sub – vendor of   reputed BPC companies like Flak India, McNally Bharat and BST Engineering.

Subsequently on commissioning of the Smelter plant, Indfab took up plant maintenance job in the areas of fume treatment plant, alumina handling system, pot room equipments, anode paste plant, rodding shop and plant utility system.

Due to their in-depth experience in construction and maintenance of Smelter plant equipments Indfab started developing Aluminium Smelter plant spares at a workshop at the periphery of NALCO Smelter  Plant.

Indfab was accorded ancillary status of National Aluminium Company in the year 1993 for supply of spare parts.

Indfab is registered under NSIC. It has a full-fledged machine shop at FCI Road, Nalconagar, Angul, Odisha. Indfab also undertakes digitisation of manufacturing drawings for which it has a full-fledged department with AutoCAD draftsmen, scanner and plotters.

Subsequently Indfab has an expertise 25 years in installation of billet casting lines of M/s LOMA , Wagstaff USA , billet cutting lines of M/s LOMA,USA , ingot casting lines of M/s Brochot, France, utility piping of NALCO (CPP to Smelter),Pot room, FTP,cabling water treatment plant etc., erection of PTM & FTA & Pot shell, Pot superstructures, fabrication and erection of Aluminium bus bars, cross country piping.

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Indfab Projects Private Limited

FCI Road Kulad Nalco Nager - 759145
Angul, Odisha, India.