"IPPL bags order from Bharat Aluminium Company Limited, Korba, Chattishgarh for Pot cleaning revival job for 168 Pots including activities like

1.Pot hood cover removing, bath cleaning & shifting, metal chips & debris cleaning & shifting, metal pad removal from pot with lancing arrangement & shifting to designated place, zero level cleaning,
2.Micro cleaning of Pot & hand over for ramming
3.Handling & cutting of Aluminium metal pad in to size - 2 Mtr.x1.3 mtr dimension at storage yard
4.Shifting of metal of size - ( 2 Mtrx1.3 Mtr.) from storage yard to cast house
5.Removal of clamps, overhauling and refixing,Removal of hoods,Bath Removal from Pot, Metal cutting by oxy lancing,Micro Cleaning of pot, Rim plate removal,Casting Digging and Removal and collector bar cleaning.”





Indfab Projects Private Limited

FCI Road Kulad Nalco Nager - 759145
Angul, Odisha, India.